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Think of Yourself as a Business if You Want to Get Ahead

June 14, 2023

To change your life for the better, you must first change your mind for the better, plan for the better, act for the better, and then receive the best. This book will provide the stepping stones you need to begin a better, more financially independent life.

Look at your own life. When has money or the lack of it allowed you or prevented you from doing something you wanted? Have you had a great idea for a business, but couldn’t find financial backing? Have you lost a job and had to cut out the long-awaited family vacation while you searched for another job? Are you getting ready to retire, but have no savings? Are you tired of living hand-to-mouth and getting nowhere fast? Are you trying to set aside money today for your children's educations or are you waiting for ______________ (fill in the blank with your miracle) to start?

If you don’t see your life in terms of a business,

you don’t understand how society and success work.

It’s that simple. And—as surprising as it sounds—it’s not that complicated to understand how businesses operate. In fact, if you decide to go into your own business at some future date, you will discover that the basics of business income and expenses are similar to your own income and expenses. Knowing where you stand financially will help convince a potential investor that you have some idea of what’s involved in running your own business. Or you might get into a discussion with your boss about financial statements and impress him/her with your drive. And if you never go into business for yourself, the peace of mind that comes with knowing where you stand with your personal finances is reward enough.

Whether you are a grocery clerk or a thriving business owner, my upcoming book can help you apply basic money concepts to your personal life to increase your sense of security and wellness for a lifetime.

By seeing your life in terms of a business, you can become a better parent, a better businessperson, a better employee, a better entrepreneur, a better spouse, and a happier, more secure person.

I promise to keep it simple because I believe that a simple list is easier to remember than a complicated blueprint. You can make this transition if you choose to. The decision lies solely in your lap. You can struggle with money issues that make you feel totally out of control, or you can take charge of your life and live the dream you always wanted.


How Thinking of Your Life as a Business Can Help You –

Increase Your Life Choices,

Improve Your Self-Esteem, and

Get More Out of Life

(Book 1 in a Series: Money – Learn It or Lose It)


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