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Most of us believe that you don’t have to think seriously about money until we’re ready to go to work at age 18-21, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Whether you are born into money with a trust fund account that ends in more digits than your phone number or born into a poor family with 14 siblings, money is one factor that affects your life from beginning to end. Money is there every step of your way, every day of your life—just like a heart-shaped birthmark--so you might as well accept the fact that you and your “Siamese twin” (a/k/a Money) are attached at the hip for life and learn all you can about your inseparable shadow.

Money will affect--and already has affected--almost every decision you make in life. During your lifetime, it has determined where you lived, what you wore, what you ate (or didn’t), what your education level has been, and probably your dating choices.

And even though that Siamese Twin of yours (that you keep trying to ignore) will never go away, it doesn’t have to control your life.

Money is the pass card to life’s options and the sooner you learn that smarter choices lead to better outcomes, the sooner you and your twin can become a winning team.

So let’s get you started with the right mindset to live a better, smarter, freer life. Only by taking a close, critical look at your lifestyle and your “twin” (money) can you improve your circumstances and take charge of the direction of your life.

For more details about your life as a business, check out or contact me at

Have a wonderful day and . . .

Live life like someone left the gate open.

Connie K. Thompson 719-281-9449

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